Elementary Band

Band Karate

The Karate belt system is used in martial arts training to mark the progress a student has made in their study. The same idea applies to learning your band instrument. The student starts out at a low rank of belt (white) and progresses through the ranks to make it to the top (black). They have to advance through the different belts to show their honor. To advance to the next belt, they must show that they have mastered the skill by doing a belt examination. There are 9 levels of belts, each more difficult than the one before it. It requires a lot of practice and self motivation!

The order of the belts:
White - Yellow - Orange - Red - Green - Blue - Purple - Brown - Black

Karate Rules:
You must practice at home in order to perfect each skill.
You may only earn the belts in the order they are given, you cannot skip around.
You may only earn 1 belt in a lesson.
You can ask Mr. Stolarz for extra help at any time

Specific belt requirements will be posted in the very near future.